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Craftsman National Electrical Estimator 2021
Book w/Download

National Electrical Estimator 2021


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National Electrical Estimator 2021

By: Mark C. Tyler

This year's prices for installation of all common electrical work: conduit, wire, boxes, fixtures, switches, outlets, loadcenters, panelboards, raceway, duct, signal systems, and more.

Provides material costs, manhours per unit, and total installed cost. Explains what you should know to estimate each part of an electrical system.

Book Includes a code for a FREE Download of the Software Companion to the book with National Estimator, a stand-alone Windows estimating program. An interactive multimedia video that shows how to use the software to compile construction cost estimates is also available online. Revised annually.

Current Labor and Material Cost Estimates for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Work

EMT Conduit In Floors, Concealed of Exposed, Including Fittings and Supports

Flex Conduit Standard and Reduced Wall, Steel and Aluminum with All Fittings

PVC Conduit Schedule 40, Schedule 80, with All Couplings, Adapters and End Bells

Rigid Steel & Aluminum Conduit Short and Long Elbows, Couplings, Terminations and Nipples

PVC Coated Conduit PVC Coated Elbows, Couplings, Fittings, Bodies and Boxes

Conduit Bodies All Common Types, Including Bushings, Covers and Entrance Caps

Conduit Fittings Couplings, Connectors, Washers, Brushed Nipples and Unions

Conduit Hangers Straps, Spacers, Steel Running Thread Rod, Clamps, U-Bolts

Copper Wire Types THW, THHN, XHHW, USE, MTW, TF, TFF, TFFN, AF and SJ

Copper Cable Types NW (Romex), UF, SEU, BX, 5000 Bolt XLP and 15000 Bolt EPR

Aluminum Wire Types THW, THHN-THWN, XHHW, USE, SE-U, SE-SER, ASCR, and XLP

Outlet Boxes Handy Boxes, Switch Boxes, Octagon Boxes, Pull Boxes and Covers

Incandescent & Fluorescent Lighting Ceiling, Wall, Utility, Industrial, Bathroom, Recessed, Track, Strip, Wraparound

Yard & Street Lighting Round, Cylinder, Flat, Convex, with and without Poles

Wiring Devices Residential and Specification Grade Switches, Receptacles, Plates

Service Equipment Switches, Breakers, Meter Sockets, Loadcenters, Cabinets

Raceway Power Duct, Wireway, Trolley Duct, Bus Duct, Cable Tray and Fittings

Signal Systems Bells, Buzzers, Sirens, Horns, Chimes, Beacons, Detectors

Equipment Hookup Motors, Mechanical and Kitchen Equipment, Generators

If you need to estimate the cost of electrical systems in buildings, this book will be your most reliable guide to selecting the right material, figuring the Labor time required for installation, and totaling the installation cost and material price.

Includes a FREE Download Certificate for an electronic version of the book with National Estimator, a stand-alone Windows estimating program. An interactive multimedia video that shows how to use the software to compile construction cost estimates is also available online.

National Estimator works just like a book. Page through the entire book one screen at a time or use the electronic index to search (in seconds) for what you need. Then select the cost estimates you want and copy them to your estimate with the touch of a key. It's quick and easy (costs are extended and columns totaled automatically). And you can change any price or quantity, including subtotals, and add the markup of your choice.

The National Estimator System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP (32- and 64-bit) operating system.
  • PC with 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher Intel (or equivalent) processor recommended.
  • 160 megabytes (MB) of hard disk space.
  • 512 MB system memory.
  • 1024 x 768 or higher video resolution, video adapter and monitor.
  • Internet connection for automatic updates and other optional program features.

Job Cost Wizard
Turns estimates into invoices and exports both to QuickBooks. Export entire estimates or invoices to track job costs for each item or category in your estimate. Then compare estimated and actual costs for each part of any job. Handles progressive billing (invoices for each part of the job) with QuickBooks Pro.


How to Use This Book, 5

Improving Estimating Accuracy and Profits, 7

Section 1: Conduit and Fittings, 10
EMT Conduit, 17
EMT Fittings, 18
Flexible Conduit, 28
Flex Connectors, 29
Flex Couplings, 32
Liquid-Tight Flex Conduit, 33
Liquid-Tight Flex Connectors, 34
PVC Conduit, 37
PVC Fittings, 38
P&C Duct, 45
P&C Fittings, 46
Plastic Spacers, 47
ENT Conduit and Fittings, 48
Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit, 49
GRS Elbows and Couplings, 51
GRS Terminations, IMC and Elbows, 52
IMC Elbows, Couplings and Running Threads, 53
GRS Locknuts and Bushings, 54
GRS Nipples, 55
Aluminum Rigid Conduit Elbows and Nipples, 58
ARC Nipples, 59
Metal Entrance Elbows and Conduit Bodies, 63
Conduit Body Covers, 64
Conduit Body Gaskets and Bodies, 65
Galvanized Capped Elbows, 65
Galvanized Cast Boxes and Covers, 66
Expansion Fittings, 68
Reducing Bushings, 69
Reducing Washers, 70
Bushed Nipples, 71
Couplings and Offset Nipples, 72
Couplings and Connectors, 73
Straps and Spacers, 75
Conduit Clamps and Entrance Caps, 77
PVC Coated Conduit and Fittings, 78
Hanger Fittings, 86
Steel Channel and Fittings, 87

Section 2: Wire and Cable 88
Copper Building Wire, 93
Flexible Cords, 96
Non-Metallic Cable, 100
Armored Cable, 103
Power Cable, 104
Aluminum Wire, 105
Steel Messenger Strand, 114
Wire Connectors, 115
Connector Lugs, 118

Section 3: Outlet Boxes 119
Handy Boxes and Covers, 123
Octagon Boxes, 125
Square Boxes and Covers, 127
Switch Rings and Surface Covers, 129
Gang Boxes, 132
Fiberglass Boxes, 133
Plastic Boxes, 140
Cast Aluminum Boxes, 143
Sheet Metal Pull Boxes, 146
Floor Boxes, Covers and Accessories, 153

Section 4: Lighting Fixtures 157
Incandescent Light Fixtures, 161
Recessed Light Fixtures, 166
Track Lighting, 168
Exit Fixtures, 171
Fluorescent Fixtures, 174
HID Fixtures, 181
Light Poles, 195
Incandescent Lamps, 199
Halogen and Quartz Lamps, 202
HID Lamps, 204
Sodium Lamps, 208
Fluorescent Lamps, 210
Ceiling Fans, 217

Section 5: Wiring Devices 218
Switches, 223
Single and Duplex Receptacles, 237
Power Cord Recepticals and Plugs, 247
Locking Receptacles, Connectors and Plugs, 253
Photo Controls, 259
Wiring Device Plates, 260

Section 6: Service Entrance Equipment 269
Safety Switches, 275
Plug Fuses, 283
Cartridge Fuses, 285
Circuit Breakers, 306
Circuit Breaker Enclosures, 315
Meter Sockets and Meter Centers, 317
Loadcenters and Panelboards, 322
Signal Cabinets, 327
Wireway and Wireway Fittings, 328
Transformers, 332

Section 7: Underfloor Raceway 335
Junction Boxes and Duct Supports, 339
Underfloor Raceway Fittings, 341
Service Fittings, 342

Section 8: Bus Duct 343
Aluminum, 346
Copper, 350
Bus Duct Fittings, 354
Bus Duct Plug-in Units, 356

Section 9: Cable Tray 358
Louvered Tray and Fittings, 361
Aluminum Tray Ladder and Fittings, 363

Section 10: Signal Systems 365
Bells, Buzzers and Sirens, 367
Beacons and Chimes, 369
Signal Systems, 370
Detectors, 371
Entry Control, 372

Section 11: Precast Concrete Access Boxes 373
Handholes, Pull Boxes and Manholes, 375
Manhole Necking and Transformer Slabs, 376

Section 12: Equipment Hookup 377
Motor Hookup and Mechanical Hookup, 379
Kitchen Hookup, 380
Standby Generator, Hookup, 381

Section 13: Motor Control Equipment 382
Manual Motor Starters, 384
Magnetic Contactors, 390
Magnetic Starters, 398
Combination Starters, 404
Control Stations, 418

Section 14: Trenching and Excavation 420
Trenching and Excavation, 422

Section 15: Surface Raceways 423
Steel Raceway Fittings and Accessories, 426
Overhead Distribution Systems, 432
Telephone-Power Poles, 436

Section 16: Grounding 438
Copper Wire and Blushings, 442
Lugs and Clamps, 443
Ground Rods, 444
Exothermic Connections, 445

Section 17: Assemblies 446
EMT Conduit, 447
Aluminum Flex Conduit, 451
Steel Flex Conduit, 455
PVC Conduit, 459
Galvanized Rigid Conduit, 463
Handy Box Switches, 467
Sectional Box Switches, 471
Switches, 1 and 2 Gang, 487
Boxes and Receptacle, 508
Troffer Fluorescent, 518

Section 18: Communications 519
Communications Cable, 521
Contacts, Pins, Plugs, Receptacles, 528
Subminiature D Connectors, 529
Data Connectors, 532
Baluns, 533
Modular Couplers, Jacks Connectors, 534

Wire Conversion Table, 537

Section 19: Undercarpet Wiring Systems 538
Wires, Cables, Connectors, Accessories, 539

Index, 542

Softcover - 552 Pages
8-1/2 x 11 in.



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9781572183643, 9781572183551, 9781572183445, 1572183446
9781572183353 / 9781572183261 / 9781572183179

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