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Construction Business Related Books, Logs, Legal Guides, Business Forms and Software
Construction Business Related Books, Logs, Legal Guides, Business Forms and Software

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Building Code, Electrical Code References, Inspection, Study Guides,
and ADA / ABA Accessibility Guidelines
Building Trades Dictionary Building Trades Dictionary -

Building Trades Dictionary is a comprehensive reference for trades workers. Building trades, basic engineering, and architectural terms are presented in a highly illustrated, concise format.

Emphasis is placed on construction tools and equipment, materials, and processes. Similar to a standard dictionary, terms are defined, synonyms are identified, and illustrations are provided.

Over 1500 terms have been added to this edition and existing terms have been revised to reflect changes in the industry.

Includes a CD-ROM with the Building Terms in a searchable format. - more

Business Letters for the Construction Industry - Revised Edition Business Letters for the Construction Industry, Revised Edition -

No more struggling to find the right words

This book presents a practical and invaluable arsenal of professionally-written model letters tailored specifically to the construction industry. Use this book to make your business stand out from the crowd and get your message across more effectively than ever before!

Here you find over 100 professionally written model letters for virtually every difficult situation. Nothing puts your business in the best possible light better than a well-written letter -- especially when you can use that letter to help a bad situation become better. You'll use these letters over and over again to resolve disputes, win new clients, clarify proposals, coordinate with architects, subcontractors and owners, and insurers, schedule meetings and inspections, respond to complaints and situations that may be difficult to deal with. - more

Construction Estimating, 3E New!Construction Estimating, 3E

Construction Estimating is a comprehensive introduction to estimating practices used in the construction industry.

This edition serves as a guide to sources of information on prints and specifications. Learners have opportunities to prepare estimates using a variety of spreadsheets, including takeoff activities based on prints for a proposed township administration building.

Information on building information modeling (BIM), alternate power systems, light detection and ranging (LIDAR) systems, and LEED® green building practices have been added to this edition.  - more

Construction Forms & Contracts

Construction Forms & Contracts -

These forms were designed, tested and used by contractors, and will help keep your business organized, profitable and out of legal, accounting and collection troubles. Includes a CD-ROM for Windows™ and Mac

125 forms you can copy and use – or load into your computer

You can customize the forms to fit your company, fill them out, and print. Loads into Word for Windows, Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, Works, or Excel programs.

You'll find forms covering accounting, estimating, fieldwork, contracts, and general office. Each form comes with complete instructions on when to use it and how to fill it out.

Nearly every contract and form you're going to need is here ready for reproduction on your copy machine. The authors are construction contractors and have used these forms for many years. They're good. They're complete. They're going to save you time and money day after day. - more

Construction Nightmares (Jobs from Hell and How to Avoid Them) Construction Nightmares (Jobs from Hell and How to Avoid Them) -

Construction Nightmares: Jobs From Hell and How To Avoid Them narrates actual jobs gone bad from the world of construction dealing with busts in plans, extras, delays, interference, scheduling, extra work, change orders, defective construction, inadequate supervision, and incompetent contractors. In other words - just about every problem in the construction industry.

After Arthur F. O'Leary tells you what happened on the job, what went wrong and how it went wrong, James Acret provides an in-depth legal analysis and the probable outcome of the potential arbitration or lawsuit.

The analysis provided deals with contracts, cancellation of contracts, walking off the job, removing a contractor from the job, responsibility of the bonding company, mechanics liens, insurance covers, arbitration, mediation, lawsuits, important provisions in construction contracts, responsibilities of the architect and the owner, liability for construction defects and much more.

Construction Contract Writer

New!Construction Contract Writer (Any State) -

Writing contracts that comply with law in your state isn't easy. A contract that doesn't comply could leave you with no way to collect. You need contracts that:

  • Fit your jobs exactly.
  • Anticipate the most likely disputes.
  • Resolve key issues in your favor.
  • Protects you by complying with your states requirements.

Construction Contract Writer has you covered. You don't need any legal experience -- just answer the program's interview questions. And if you get stuck, click the ""Get Help From an Attorney"" button. You'll have an answer in 24 hours. No charge. No limit. - more

Contractor's Guide to Change Orders

Contractor's Guide to Change Orders -


With this expanded new edition of Contractor's Guide to Change Orders in hand, contractors working on projects of any size - from remodeling jobs to skyscrapers - will have all the ammunition needed to:

  • Keep hidden construction delays and expenses from draining profit. (Only a fraction of chargeable amounts are ever identified by the owner or architects involved.)
  • Identify trouble spots in the contract, plans, specifications and site that are likely to result in added costs or delays.
  • Find, document and negotiate payment for every added delay and expense that slips past your "early warning system."
  • Negotiate and resolve change order disputes at every level so you are always a step ahead. - more
  • Contractor's Plain-English Legal Guide
    Contractor's Plain-English Legal Guide -

    Whether you’re an experienced contractor who’s paid too much to too many lawyers, or a newcomer without the experience or financial backing to risk a legal battle, this book will guide you away from danger spots and along a safer path.

    For the price of about 15 minutes in a lawyer’s office you'll have a guide that will make many of those visits unnecessary. You'll find directions for starting a business, what to put in every contract, how to collect what's owed you, what laws affect your jobs, what to do about job injuries, how to file a lien that holds up, how to handle warranties, and where you’re liable for subcontractors.

    Contractor's Plain-English Legal Guide includes a FREE CD-ROM with all the legal forms shown and explained in the book, plus extra forms with filled-out copies as examples. - more

    Contractor's State License Guide - Law & Business Exam

    Contractor's State License Guide - Law & Business Exam -

    Here you’ll find all the information required for the law and business examination for the State of California.

    You’ll find how to answer questions on employee issues, contracts, job management, safety, insurance, bookkeeping, estimating, bid procedures, licensing, mechanic’s liens, and building codes.

    Includes sample exams to help you find the areas you need more work on. Designed for the California Contractor Exam, but should help raise your score on any state’s contractor exam.

    For fast and easy results, this study guide has assembled all of the material that the state recommends you study for the Law & Business Examination. And because that exam is made up of approximately 100 multiple choice questions, this study guide covers all of the areas that are covered in the test, in an easy Question and Answer format...... more

      Cost Guides from Craftsman, Sweets, BNI & more
    Easy Scheduling Easy Scheduling -

    A complete set of "real world" scheduling tools that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of small to medium-sized construction businesses.

    Step by step, it shows you how to use Microsoft Project to build a schedule that will synchronize everyone's efforts into an organized system that becomes the foundation of all planning and communication for all your jobs.

    You'll see how to establish realistic project goals ... how to set checkpoints, activities, relationships and time estimates for each task ... how to establish priorities ... how to create a project flowchart ... and how best to communicate the schedule to keep everyone focused and on track. And that's just the beginning!  - more

    Estimating Electrical Construction Revised
    Estimating Electrical Construction Revised -

    Step-by-Step Procedures for Manual and Computerized Electrical Estimating.

    Explains how to create a reliable estimate for Residential, Commercial or Light Industrial Construction - from essential preliminaries to submitting the final Bid.

    Every aspect of Electrical Estimating is covered - from plan take-off, to labor units, to material pricing, to assembly of the bid summary. Includes practical examples and sample forms to use on your jobs.

    Like taking a class in how to estimate materials and labor for residential and commercial electrical construction. A complete estimate for a commercial building is included, starting with the scope of work, the materials and equipment to use, installation requirements and a complete set of plans for the electrical system. - more

    Exam-Prep Law & Business Question and Answer Learning Tool CD-ROM
    Exam-Prep Law & Business Management Question and Answer Learning Tool CD-ROM -

    Review your knowledge of Business Law with this practice exam

    • Business Practices
    • Bid Preparation
    • Contracts
    • Contract Operations
    • Safety
    • Labor
    • Legal - more

    Jobsite First Aid: A Field Guide for the Construction Industry

    Jobsite First Aid: A Field Guide for the Construction Industry -

    The perfect complement to hands-on safety training...

    When a jobsite emergency arises, it's the people on the job that are the first responders. This gives those people — the contractors, the construction workers, and anyone else onsite — the critical responsibility of quickly and effectively acting to minimize damage and maximize safety. Prepare for this important role with JOBSITE FIRST AID: A FIELD GUIDE FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY.

    This book takes a systematic approach to responding to emergency situations, from minor burns to life-threatening events and situations.

    It is the perfect complement to hands-on safety training, and it's ideally packaged to fit into your toolbox, glove box, or desk drawer, so that it can be easily accessed when needed. - more

    Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual, 5E

    Maintenance Manager's Standard Manual, 5E -

    This book has everything you need to set up and run a building maintenance department.

    Whether you are a facilities manager, engineer, property owner, developer, or anyone else responsible for maintenance operations, this book is a must-have reference. Not only does it give you all of the essential ingredients for understanding and carrying out successful day-to-day management of maintenance activities, it provides you with an integrated plan for continuous improvement of the maintenance function.

    This fully up-to-date book covers structural maintenance, mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance and instrument repair, maintenance of roads and grounds, power plan maintenance, as well as housekeeping, waste management, air and water quality, and safety. - more...

    Markup & Profit: A Contractor's Guide - Revisited

    Markup & Profit: A Contractor's Guide - Revisited -

    At last, a book on how to figure the right markup for a construction company!

    In this guide, Michael Stone, a highly-successful contractor, lecturer and consultant, explains the importance of setting your own markup - and not just picking a markup figure that someone else uses, or a number you found in an estimating book!

    He writes in simple layman's language and includes examples, formulas and sample problems to help you. When you've read this book, you'll thoroughly understand what markup is and how to arrive at it.

    And just as important, you'll know how and why you should apply it to your job costs to arrive at the right sales price for your work. And that's the secret to success in this industry. - more

    National Construction Law Manual - 4th Edition National Construction Law Manual -

    Here you’ll find in-depth coverage of just about every legal term someone may throw at you, what the true meanings of these terms are, and how they may apply to you in a construction business.

    Covers contracts, competent parties, legal object, letters of intent, certainty, consideration, illusory contract, mutual assent, offer and acceptance, delivery, contracts without words, options, duress, bidding, modification of forms, owner’s damages for defective construction, contractor’s damages for breach by owner, warranties, and just about every legal issue a contractor can face.

    Includes sample contracts, forms, and agreements - more

    Principles of Contracting New!Principles of Contracting -

    By: Brenda K. Yamin, Robert A. Gillis

    Principles of Contracting provides a comprehensive introduction to the construction contracting process.

    This textbook addresses construction project types and participants, business ownership, financing, building codes, sustainability, job-site safety, and project documentation. - more

    QuickPass CD-ROM for the Law and Business Examination

    QuickPass CD-ROM for the Law and Business Examination -

    This CD-ROM has over 300 multiple choice questions covering all the points covered in the actual California State Contractor’s Exam.

    You’ll learn the right answer and a full explanation of the basic principles involved in that question.

    Even if you guess the right answer, the explanation is given, so you learn the material in the test.

    Originally designed for the California exam, this CD-ROM can help anyone in any state pass the Law and Business Examination in their state.

    Orders over $300 ship FREE to 48 States

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