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VDV MultiMedia Cable Tester  33-856

VDV MultiMedia Tester - Easy-to-use tester for installers working with voice, data and video applicationsEasy-to-use tester for installers working with voice, data and video applications.

One tester for all applications!

Voice — supports 3-pair USOC and 6-position RJ-11/12 jacks for telephone cable testing

Data — supports both shielded and unshielded cable testing to T568A/B (RJ-45)

Video — tests coax cable for opens and shorts with F-connector interface

  • Tests for opens, shorts, miswires, reversals and split pairs. Also indicates correct wiremap.
  • Has automatic shut off (to prolong battery life) and low battery indicator.
  • Easy to read LCD display with “PASS/FAIL” indicator after each test
  • Tone generator supports 4 different tones making fault isolation easier
  • One remote wiremap and testing unit is stored inside tester— easier to keep all parts together
  • Uniquely designed remote accommodates RJ-11, RJ-45 and F-style connectors

VDV MultiMedia Cable Tester
 $80.63 $113.50

Spec Sheet (PDF)


VDV MultiMedia Cable Tester Features

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Test Tone Trace VDV Kit  33-866

New!Test-Tone-Trace VDV Kit -

An all-in-one cable testing solution for identifying wiring errors and locating cables in Voice/Data/Video (VDV) installations

  • Verify if new VDV installations are wired correctly
  • Troubleshoot existing VDV wiring installations
  • Locate hard to find cables
  • Test & Identify all common errors in modular plug/jack terminations that lead to slow/no connections: Shorts, Opens, Miswires, Split Pairs, and Reversals
  • Verify custom made cables for proper wiring and continuity (RJ-45, RJ-11, F, BNC, RCA)
  • Identify shielded and 568A to 568B uplink cables
  • Identify a single cable within a bunch of cables - more

New!VDV PRO Cable Test Kits -

Designed to Support a Full Range of Voice, Data and Video (VDV) Applications

VDV PRO Cable Test KitsThe VDV PRO Cable Tester is an easy-to-use cable testing and verification device that can quickly test all wiring requirements found throughout today’s residential and commercial environments.

  • VDV PRO is perfect for Voice, Data and Video applications
  • Larger backlit LCD screen for better test results readability
  • Selectable backlight
  • Network link LED blink for visual cable tracing
  • Length measurement is shown during initial test results for convenience and time savings  - more
IENet PRO Cable Testers
Eight Remote Kit (ID 1-8)
New!IENet PRO Cable Testers -

The choice for Industrial Ethernet cable testing -

The IENet PRO cable tester features a unique easy-to-use cable test for 2 pair and 4 pair Industrial Ethernet cabling. With shielded 2 pair, M12 and RJ-45 ports, the IENet™ PRO is compatible with most Industrial Ethernet cabling.

Test results are displayed in the PROFINET® Industrial Ethernet required format.

The IENet™ PRO tester makes it a snap to quickly verify wiring integrity and assure proper terminations for diverse types of industrial cabling. - more

Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit

Tone Generator & Amplifier Probe Kit -

Cable tracing kit with advanced new features to give a complete signal tracing solution

  • Emits three different types of tones
  • Tone can be added in any status
  • Identifies and traces wire or cables within a group
  • Auto-off after three hours of non-use
  • Battery low indicator - more

more DataComm / VDV Testers & Certifiers

SecuriTEST / SecuriTEST PRO CCTV / Security Testers
  • Test & Troubleshoot CCTV Cameras
  • Access Camera Programming Menus with On Screen Display
  • Supports over a Dozen PTZ Protocols
  • Programmable Position Presets and Touring
  • Integrated UTP Cable Tester
  • Full Function Digital Multimeter
  • Test Pattern Generator for Monitor Setup/Adjustment - more info
SecuriTEST PRO CCTV/Security Tester
(2 Models)
Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit
Tone Generator &

Amplifier Probe Kit
LinkMaster Tester and Remote
LinkMaster Tester &

Remote Kit
Test Tone Trace VDV Kit  33-866
Test-Tone-Trace VDV Kit

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